About us

We are a group of researchers, commercial search experts and practitioners in health organisations who are running a H2020 project to commercialize the deliveries from an earlier 4 year FP7 project.

The team consists of people from:

Vienna University of Technology - Austria
The Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems of the Vienna University of Technology coordinates the KConnect project and provides expertise on domain-specific search and search log analysis.

Findwise AB - Sweden
Findwise is a growing and award winning IT consultancy with employees at offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Poland. Founded in 2005 by a team of experts from the enterprise search industry, Findwise creates search-driven Findability solutions for intranets, web, e-commerce and applications. A vendor independent expert with knowledge and experience from the leading search technology platforms.

Kings's College London - United Kingdom
King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience is one of the world’s largest research groupings specialising in mental health and neurodegeneration. In relation to KConnect, a particular strength is in the field of mental health clinical informatics, based around the uniquely large and high-density CRIS data resource derived from the electronic records of over 250,000 mental health service users.

The University of Sheffield - United Kingdom
The University of Sheffield is a world top-100 university, and in the top 10% for research in the UK. For KConnect, we bring semantics to text using GATE, the most widely used open source toolkit for natural language processing and language engineering.

Qulturum, Region Jönköping County - Sweden
Qulturum is a centre for learning and innovation of clinical and work processes in healthcare. Qulturum is engaged in several programs both on a local, regional, national and international level. The focus is to support and facilitate system redesign and process improvement; to ensure learning, build capacity, provide support for staff and leaders as they make changes in the care processes and to spread good examples. Qulturum initiates and leads large-scale changes on all levels, learning programs, break-through series, sessions, conferences, and consultative support in developing methods for improvement, evaluation and research.

Precognox - Hungary
Precognox is a Java shop specialized in intelligent, linguistic-based search, text mining and big data solutions.

Charles University, Prague - Czech Republic
Charles University in Prague participates through the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics and provides technology for medical-domain machine translation.

Ontotext AD - Bulgaria
Ontotext AD is an information management company providing text analysis and data management products and services. We have state-of-the-art Semantic Technology all operating under approved, Linked Data standards.
Our technology discovers implicit relations and finds hidden links, matching facts scattered across huge volumes of diverse information. It delivers more answers in less time and with less effort.

TRIP Database Ltd- United Kingdom
The Trip Database is a clinical search engine, aimed at health professionals, helping them answer their clinical questions using the best available evidence. Trip has a global user base and helps put evidence at the heart of clinical decisions.

Health on the Net Foundation - Switzerland
The Health On the Net Foundation is the oldest and most well-known not for for profit and an Non governemental organizations providing quality standardization of online health information and also offers one of the world's best healthcare information portals on the Web.

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