Health on the Net Foundation

The Health On the Net Foundation is the oldest and most well-known not for for profit and an Non governemental organizations providing quality standardization of online health information and also offers one of the world's best healthcare information portals on the Web. Operating as a global public service, the HON site is today one of the world's most visited portals for medical and health-related information on the Internet. HON is known for its leadership in the promotion of responsible HONcode ethical and quality standard via the certification of health and medical information on the Web. The HONcode icon and backlink are displayed on over 8,000 commercial, academic and government sites. In the KConnect project, HON is in charge of providing access to a large database of trustworthy health information consisting of over 8000 quality webportals in over 27 european languages. HON is also in charge of developing services based on classification to guide the end user toward sorted health content according to the complexity of a content and to assess any health websites according to the HONcode principles.

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