KConnect for Researchers

Every year since 2011, there have been over 1 million papers indexed in Medline. It is getting increasingly challenging for researchers to keep up to date with all the developments within their field or related fields.
KConnect provides the software tools to provide state-of-the-art analysis and search of medical text. Our tools make it easier to find the most relevant articles to include in systematic reviews, to be able search foreign literature in their native language and consume it in English, while at the same time to be able to extract information from multiple articles for analysis. Our tools are supported by a Knowledge Base of 1.2 billion medical facts. Based on this knowledge base, powerful semantic search of medical documents can be performed, whereby the system is made aware of the likely context of the search term and hence a larger number of relevant documents can be retrieved. Researchers are also able to define and build their own medical text processing pipelines to combine text from multiple sources (including any text stored within an organisation). Within the pipeline content is processed and semi-automatically analysed, before the needed search results for their research are extracted.

Many types of medical document have become longer. Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) are now typically large documents, often running to over a hundred pages in order to create a fuller record of a clinical study compared with a peer-reviewed journal article. Such summary journal articles are often run to just 6-10 pages, meaning many important details may be missed e.g. potentially hazardous adverse events. KConnect can support semi-automated analysis to allow the hundreds of CSR pages to be analysed in a matter of minutes rather than the of tens of hours it would take to do then manually.

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