On-line machine translation of medical documents and health-related queries

We provide multilingual search and the access of medical text in a variety of languages. The ability for cross-lingual and semantic search gives us the very best medical search service on the market.

• Fast and accurate online translation service
• Translation specifically tuned for medical and health-related texts
• Optimized for full sentences and sort search queries
• Our semantic annotations and ontologies also mappings across languages
• Languages supported: English <-> Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish

What our services can achieve for you:
• Enable your search system to process queries in various languages
• Our service can increase the range of relevant material for English-speaking users by presenting results in English of documents previously only published in other foreign languages
• Users can formulate queries in their preferred language and get search results translated back to their language (from English texts)

How to get started?
• Go to our CloudMarket page http://kconnect.eu/cloudmarket-platform-medical-data-and-text-analysis-a...
• Alternatively make contact via our Contacts page

Further information can be found at:

Example input:
"text":"Traitement de la grippe aviaire",

Example output:
"errorCode": 0,
"translation": [
"translated": [
"src-tokenized": "traitement de la grippe aviaire",
"score": -4.059295654296875,
"rank": 0,
"text": "bird flue treatment"
"translationId": "0c07160f8a5b4b939fb3ce6e01961d8e"
"errorMessage": "OK"

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