Project - Trip Database

The Trip Database is a leading evidence-based search engine.

With a global user base of clinicians using the site and having been searched well over 100 million times Trip is clearly doing something right. However, it is far from perfect and the work with KConnect will help to significantly improve the site. There are a number of key components to our work with KConnect:

Multi-lingual capabilities. Currently Trip is a English-language only site, users have to search in English and read results in English. However, this is a barrier to many current and potential users. Working with KConnect will mean that users, who don't have English as their first language, will find it easier to access the great evidence contained in Trip.

Automated Surrogate Systematic Reviews. Building on rudimentary work on the topic Trip will work with KConnect to build a semi-automatic system to produce rapid systematic reviews. As well as producing reviews it will also ensure that these are easily kept up to date. The technology of keeping reviews up to date will have broader functionality and will act as an alerting system for new research for multiple purposes.

Making sense of Clinical Study Reports (CSRs). CSRs are large documents, hundreds of pages long which are typically the basis of a journal article. However, in writing a journal article much detail is lost and often this can be vital, for instance in relation to adverse events or contraindications. KConnect will help develop a system that can read and annotate CSRs and build an interface to allow users to easily identify key components that may be missing from journals. This vital work will help improve the quality and safety of healthcare.

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