Semantic Annotation for Medical Texts

KConnect Semantic Annotation service can automatically find diseases, anatomy, investigations and drugs in medical records, medical literature and other health information texts, annotating them accordingly.

Semantic annotation finds the meaning of words in text, and links (i.e. annotates) them with concepts and ideas (i.e. semantics) in the KConnect knowledge base. This means, for example, that it will distinguish between the infection "cold" and the temperature "cold". It also means that when it finds something in the text, e.g. a disease, it can provide you with a wealth of information about that disease from the knowledge base.

Benefits of semantic annotation:
• We use world-leading GATE natural language processing technology to help you to link text to knowledge
• Semantic annotation lets you put intelligent search in your products
• Automatic annotation of texts improves their machine-reading and allows for better pinpointing within texts
• Available in English, Swedish, Hungarian, French languages
• Our toolkits will help you adapt to services to other languages
• Our Mimir search engine is designed for combined text and knowledge searches

How to get started?
• Get more information about the cloud market platform see:

• A demonstration of KConnect semantic annotation is available from:

• A web service API is available and described at:

• Basic information on annotation:

• Information about Mimir search engine:

• Information on adapting the toolkit (coming soon)

• Alternatively make contact via our Contacts page

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