What we do

Finding the right medical information is often difficult and time consuming. We provide the building blocks for tailored medical information services for either cloud or local installation.

KConnect provides Medical Text Analysis, Semantic Annotation and Semantic Search services aimed at Healthcare professionals, researchers in the Bio-Medical industry and the public to find the very latest and most relevant medical information.

Our flexible technology stack can handle a variety of medical information resources including EHRs, medical publications, best practices and treatment guidelines, systematic reviews, indexed webpages etc.. The ability to include other information systems and provide new services on top of existing systems means that we also offer our services to system implementers.

The ability to search over a number of medical information sources/systems means information is no longer held in silos, meaning best (most relevant) and up-to-date information can be at hand within one search box.

Text analysis, classification and semantic annotation with the aid of a large medical Knowledge Base allows for great search (semantic search), navigation, filtering and presentation of results. Text analysis can also add value to textual information that is normally locked for example inside EHRs (Electronic Healthcare Records).

Further analysis (post anonymisation or pseudo-anonymisation) of patient EHRs can provide opportunities around: symptoms-diagnoses; patient segmentation; adverse drug events/reaction warnings, increase treatment efficiencies; letting clinicians know how similar patients were treated or simply provide the query basis for further search regarding a patient in other medical information sources.

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